Christofle is a brand that has remained true to its ideology. This undeterred focus has led up to its success. Christofle prioritizes excellence in its standards. The brand believes there’s just one quality, and it’s the greatest!”
The founder, Charles Christofle, had expressed his support. Yainville’s workshops in Normandy employ 160 people, including two “Meilleur Ouvrier de France,” who practice Haute Orfèvrerie and aim to preserve the repertory of their crafts’ greatest gestures in the craft heritage. The Maison, which quickly established itself as a historical supplier of prestigious clients (“Goldsmith of the King” in 1844 for King Louis-Philippe, then of Emperor Napoleon III), continues to respond to exceptional orders by creating exceptional artifacts for personalities, institutions, or luxury brands. Christofle prioritizes creativity as a core principle.

Generosity is a key trait for Christofle. It may be found in the manner of its goods, design, and gleam the product emit. It’s all about a splendid aura that can adorn a space and sublimate the moment. This generosity is also connected with global versatility: the brand shines on five continents via its authorized distributors, with 51 own outlets. Generosity also entails sharing the behind-the-scenes of the House with everyone and opening its doors for exceptional and joyous occasions. Opportunities reserved for clients and special partners, as well as opportunities available to the public, such as “European Heritage Days,” when the House invites the public to its magnificent home on rue Royale in Paris.

Recognizing its social and environmental responsibilities, Christofle places a high value on respect. Whether human or natural, the applicable standards and jurisdictions are, of course, observed throughout the production chain (transport rules for waste and chemical supplies – ADR / laws on the circumstances of chemical waste elimination – REACH). Respect also entails taking on the responsibility of remembering and transmission to pass on knowledge and ideas.

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