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History of Lalique

René Lalique’s name became associated with the ornamental arts of the French Art Nouveau period. René Lalique was born in 1860 and started his career as a fine jewelry designer in 1881 in Paris. Beginning about 1883, Lalique explored more creative glass research. Early works used the well-known “lost wax” method, in which the model is created in wax and a mold is created around it. The wax is then melted and the molten glass is poured into the mold. This is how Lalique glass was produced until about 1905 when the facility was rebuilt to accommodate a greater output.
As a result, with the termination of the one-time-only molding process around wax models, the distinct uniqueness of each specimen of Lalique glass came to an end. Following the success of this business, he established his glassworks in Combs-la-Ville in 1909. Lalique was renowned for a broad range of items throughout the art nouveau era, including perfume bottles, vases, inkwells, ornamental boxes, and bookends.

Lalique glass is made of lead and is either blown or pressed. Dancing nymphs, fish, dragonflies, and foliage were popular themes throughout the Art Nouveau era. The glass is a crystal with acid-etched relief, which gives it a distinct look. Lalique Vases, clocks, car mascots, stemware, and bottles were among the numerous utilitarian items created. Lalique crystal sculptures and other products also experiment with bronze and other materials, but he is not widely recognized for it.

Lalique has survived as the ultimate emblem of French elegance for almost a century, having been founded in 1888. The goal of the brand today is to preserve the creative genius of René Lalique by making outstanding perfume bottles and sculptures, reviving passionate and emotional jewelry designs, exploring the limits of the factory with interesting and intricate satin contrasts, and carrying out major architectural projects. Lalique thrives as a lifestyle brand that has been around for decades.


Both the quality and design of the items are determined using technical criteria (lack of faults) concerning the creative team’s objectives. The verification process occurs throughout the whole process, and each item undergoes a rigorous series of inspections before it can be signed.
Lalique Vases and Crystal Sculptures

The 1887 opening of his first shop in Paris introduced unique Lalique jewelry and art creations based on themes of the past—respect for materials that changed light, including gold, jewels, ivory, semiprecious stones, and simple glass—as well as Lalique’s fascination with Japonism. It is apparent in the popular Lalique Maison and Art collections, which open to the public this year, and in the pieces on display at the Lalique Museum, which debuted in 2011. When it comes to giving presents at weddings or holidays, there is no better Lalique trademark than these satin-finished figures, vases, and sculptures exhibiting realistic features. Looking for home décor collection by Lalique, like Lalique vases and crystal sculptures? Visit us at Events Gifts, you can shop the Lalique home décor collection here with us.


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