Michael Aram

Michael Aram candles are weightless, sophisticated, and simple, brimming with positivity. Michael Aram candles combine an array of fragrances. The range of candles includes a blend of cedar and sandalwood with warm musk for a seductive and sensuous fragrance. A delicious and fruity pomegranate taste is created by lighting a Michael Aram pomegranate candle, while a distinct ocean smell is evoked by lighting a Michael Aram coral candle. Michael Aram’s distinct scent may be discovered in our Aram-scented candles collection. Browse through our range of products.
Signature Home candles by Michael Aram are Weightless, delicate, and universal, yet flamboyant. The artist’s work is conceptualized using the same organic themes that have made him well-known. Each Michael Aram candle is wrapped

in a lovely gift-able box, and every purchase comes with a memory. The clean-cut lines and ease of use of Michael Aram candles, in combination with the use of natural soy wax and triple cotton wicks, making them particularly ideal for creative and imaginative projects. A distinctive trademark pattern snuff cap tops off these lovely candles and adds a unique look and feel to them. Michael Aram candles are more than just your regular scented candles, and their value isn’t measured by how long they burn. One of Michael Aram’s candles celebrates the experience.

About Michael Aram

Michael Aram, an American-born artist who works mainly with metal. After studying fine art and living as an artist in New York in the late 1980s, Aram took a life-altering trip to India where he got accustomed to the rich metalworking tradition. Inspired to work with skilled artisans whose talents he thought were untapped, Aram set up a house and workshop in New Delhi and dedicated himself to the trade of design.
Artwork created by Aram is a portrayal of humanity because of the honest method through which he hand-makes each item utilizing time-honored conventional techniques. The hand of the creator shows the spiritual character and the vitality in Aram’s work, which only comes when artisans create things. Due to the tension of line, shape, and meaning, Aram’s work is loaded with more intensity.

Most of the items in this collection are from tableware and furniture, which are found in galleries and specialized shops throughout the globe. The combination of this artist’s flexibility is shown by the vast range of styles he can work with, whether it is for his commissions, artwork for gallery exhibitions, or works that are appealing to a larger audience.
One of the hallmarks of Michael Aram’s work is bridging the gap between artists and artisans. Each of his distinctive handcrafted objects in his narrative and figurative “signature” collection, or his modern “studio” line, may be created just once in precisely the same way. Because of the unique handcrafted nature of the product, it seamlessly weaves the boundary between fine and decorative art. It fits well in both modern and traditional homes, thanks to its fine craftsmanship and creative uniqueness.

This makes sense since it translates as “compassionately” in Hindi, which means “gently, with peace, with love and care.” Aram produces high-quality work, demonstrating both his capability and personal expression.
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